Monday, September 23, 2013

That Time Nels Cline Acknowledged My Presence

weekend highlights:
cooler weather (rain even!) and nels cline of wilco!

a couple weeks ago my dad told me that he read in the newspaper (thank god someone is still reading physical newspapers or else i'd totally have missed this) that the guitarist from wilco would be coming to sacramento with a group called unfold ordinary mind. it's comprised of a contra alto carinet player, a couple tenor saxophonists, a drummer and nels cline on the guitar. 

the venue is called antiquite, a place in sacramento that i'd driven by a million times without giving it a second thought. i overheard some guy there saying that the place used to house a stained glass repair shop, and is now purposed as an antique dealer/winery? i don't know. visit the web site.

anyways, the place was really cool for an intimate show. the vibe was really different - they only served wine and water and the median age of attendees was probably 50. lots of arty sophisticated older people were in attendance. not arty hippie boho types, but arty upper middle class college professor types. herringbone blazers and white ponytails. we were two of about seventy in attendance.

we went because we are wilco fans and love nels cline. when sky blue sky came out my friends and i were buzzing about impossible germany and it's guitar solo for weeks. literally. (check it out below, if you like. it starts at about 2:45)

it was cool to see him in this unique kind of hometown setting, without his tables full of guitar pedals in front of an audience of thousands and thousands. he was wearing thick functional eyeglasses and reading sheet music! hah! all the musicians were incredible. and the drummer is originally from sacramento! he was ridiculous. crazy good.

we milled around for a few minutes after their set because tony likes to meet people. i am notoriously horrified by meeting people i admire for fear that they will be mean and dismissive or act put out, causing me to be sad for the rest of my life. as the show ended, we watched nels buy a glass of red wine and head back to the little stage to break down his gear. he breaks down his own gear - just like a normal person! it was so weird. anyways, tony said hello and complimented him on his show. he was super, super, super sweet. he thanked us for coming and for complimenting him. he waved at me and smiled and wanted to know if the levels sounded right from where we were sitting. we told him it was great, and he told us to have a good weekend. it was rad. 

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