Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jukebox Songs

I love being at a semi-empty bar with friends and having access to the jukebox. i'll even pay the extra however many cents to for the extra special songs (you know - on the digital touch screen new jukeboxes. there are no old school ones left in my town, I don't think. :( )

I am a really good jukebox song picker. I like to select my tunes, sit back and watch people react. I find the songs that people forgot they love.

I heard some old rod stewart on my way to work this morning and it reminded me of what a good song selector I am. here are some of my favorites.

STAY WITH ME is an awesome choice. I freaking love old Rod. don't even get me started on how boring he is now. it hurts me to think about it.

FAST AS YOU by Dwight Yoakam is such a cool, simple song. you don't have to be a cowboy or have tiny pencil legs to enjoy this one. that organ? get out of here. so good.

CAN I KICK IT by a tribe called quest. for all the people who can quest like a tribe does.

YOU'RE SO VAIN is the best because carly simon. who doesn't sing along with this one? vain assholes, probably. that think the song is about them. this song is the best. carly simon is the best.

selecting FAMILY TRADITION by hank Williams jr. inside the west house bar one sunday evening is one of my favorite jukebox memories. drunkards love hank Williams jr and any song that justifies alcoholism and drug abuse.

SLEDGEHAMMER by Peter Gabriel is just 5 minutes of eclectic layered dopeness.

NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME goes out to all The Cosby Show nerds in the house. and the Ray Charles fans of course. who doesn't love either or both? if you don't like Ray Charles or The Cosby Show, you pretty much have no business around me.

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