Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Van Francisco

this last weekend we drove to sf to check out the red ball, eat delicious food and shop. we parked near the piers and went to check out the ball, which was right across the street from the ferry building where we were going to have lunch.

when we got there a few guys were filming this chick doing fancy twirls on front of the red ball. i didn't want to crash their session, but let van do his thing anyways. the next day i came across this on the red ball project facebook page. it's vanny! in slow motion!

we basically spent the rest of the afternoon snacking, drinking, walking around, snacking, looking at boats, snacking, watching van squeal at birds, walking and snacking. here are some photos from our day...

here are some funny van faces from our second lunch/early dinner at some touristy seafood restaurant. we always have to hit up the tourist spot for tony who can't be in any kind of close proximity to the ocean and not have crab cocktail. van went back and forth in between cracking himself up by holding his sippy cup with his teeth and no hands and being disappointed and ashamed of us for not letting him eat crab chowder with his hands. these photos capture his joy/disgust.

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