Monday, April 1, 2013

Red Ball!

have you heard of the red ball project? it's a pubic, participatory art project that travels all around the world. it's a huge red ball inflated in odd public spaces.

i heard it was going to make it's way to california this spring. i figured it would probably only visit los angeles, so i was stoked to see it would be making it's way to sf this weekend. and even more stoked when i saw that it's coming to sacramento on april 10th!

so cool.


  1. If I was planning on walking down that alley I would be a bit put off by this ball art. Where in Sac? Is it like a giant egg hunt?

    1. i imagine someone like joni who drives down midtown alleys like a bat out of hell to avoid traffic and her mazda just bouncing off the unforseen ball. it's not like an egg hunt, though that would be dope. it's going to be at the california lottery building. we are going to sf this weekend to see it. van is going to flip out.