Thursday, August 29, 2013

Turkey Chorizo + Potato Tacos with Salsa Verde

one of my favorite things in life is chorizo. I like the delicious Mexican kind that you crumble up, and I like the more salami like kind that you chop and dice. I like it in my eggs, I like it with beans. I like it with chicken (i'll share that recipe someday) and I like it in a taco!

if you've ever made chorizo you know that stuff generates a crap ton of grease. as much as I love it, the sight of a cup of grease pooling in your skillet as you sauté your chorizo wigs me out a bit so I try not to eat it super often. turkey chorizo, on the other hand, is about 300% less greasy than regular chorizo and about 70% as good.  I use it most of the time, instead of the OG chorizo. it's very flavorful and quick to make. it definitely does the job.

the creaminess of the potatoes and the sweetness of the salsa verde compliment the spice of the turkey chorizo. here's how it's done:

For Tacos:
turkey chorizo
diced potato
corn tortillas (or small flour ones, if you prefer)
cheese (optional - i'll put cheese on anything)
avocado (optional - i'll put avocado on anything)

Salsa Verde:
8-12 tomatillos
one red onion
a few garlic cloves
one jalapeno (half if you're a weenie)
a handful of cilantro

first make the salsa. remove the husks from your tomatillos and cut them through the middle. chop the red onion into wedges. roast the tomatillos (flat side down),  the onion pieces and garlic cloves at 400 for 10-15 minutes. once your kitchen is smelling spicy and your tomatillos are beginning to blister and brown, remove and set aside to cool. then combine your roasted stuff with a handful of cilantro and some salt and process to your desired salsa consistency using a food processor or blender.

next, Parboil the potatoes and set aside.

Cook chorizo in a stovetop skillet, breaking it up into pieces as it heats. add diced potatoes and mix together.

heat your corn tortillas over the flame until warm. spoon the chorizo/potato mixture into the tortilla. top with salsa verde, avocado and cheese.

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